I was just looking into the benefits of activated water via the BioPro Technology site:

When age-old secrets from Mother Earth are combined with cutting edge technologies, a new generation of wellness solutions is born that is bound to change the energetics of the planet as we know it.

Ja right.
Frankly, I’m amazed that given the amazing benefits and the bargain price of just R8,145.61 (+VAT) per BIOPRO i-H2O™ System, South Africa isn’t laden with the patented system devised by (no joke) Dr Igor Smirnov. 

Following the disastrous nuclear radiation leak at Chernobyl, the brilliant Russian Scientist Dr. Igor Smirnov and his team were called in by the Soviet government to research the healing effects of certain mountain springs on victims of the radioactive fallout.  Through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tests and Infrared Spectroscopy, Dr. Smirnov discovered the water’s healing secrets, an unusual configuration and high-energy activity of water molecules.
Following that amazing discovery, Dr. Smirnov focused his efforts on a technology that could replicate this amazing natural process. The result, MRET®, a proprietary, patented noise field technology that closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs, which effectively activates and structures water molecules.

Often, these “pseudo-science” technologies are dismissed as frauds and quackery. But it’s not nonsense. Honestly. Because there are a multitude of scientific papers proving the benefits of MRET and i-H2O in killing germs, enhacing red cell morphology, increasing plant growth and more, including:

  • Smirnov, I.V. (2007) “The Anomalous Low Viscosity and Polarized-Oriented Multilayer Structure of MRET Activated Water” Explore Magazine, Vol.16, No.4: 37-39, USA
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Bit Smirnovvy yes, but surely no conflict of interest? But check that penultimate one: the Electric Sparecraft Journal. I’m impressed. Getting published in the ESJ takes a whole lot of tinfoil. And while we’re on that subject, better put on your protective tinfoil helmet just in case Dr Smironoff’s 1994 invention comes after you:

Igor Smirnov from Moscow Academy of Medicine demonstrated for the U.S. secret services and FBI experts a device which was capable to subliminally implant thoughts in peoples minds and in this way control their actions.

The rest, as they say, is history. (i.e. we’ve not heard of it since).

Of course, there’s a serious side to this nonsense as well – it concerns me that he’s suggesting that his special water can benefit AIDS patients. We have experienced the infamous quack Mathias Rath preying on vulnerable HIV+ individuals in South Africa with his “vitamins cure AIDS” bullshit and while the BioPro website does come with a disclaimer, it’s tucked away very neatly right at the bottom. I wonder how many disclaimers their “direct marketing” staff give?

I don’t know why this sort of  thing is allowed. It’s basically fraud and let’s face it, we have enough issues around fraud in the country right now. All I can advise, as a scientist with [number] years experience, is that you could find a whole lot better stuff to buy if you just happen to have R9,286 lying around.

9 thoughts on “BIOPRO i-H2O

  1. Oh my oh my oh my.

    That kind of thing exists to scam poor innocent people with fancy words.

    You think people wouldn’t fall for it but my mom laps this kind of thing up.

    She showed me this pamphlet, also written by someone with a “PhD”, claiming that these special pads could suck fat out of your feet by osmosis. Osmosis?? Lipids?? And my mother was actually considering trying this shit.

    I swear if she read that water thingy by the Vodka dude, she would be lining up to buy it. Not cool.

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  2. Po > Scary indeed.

    Rob > You can’t – I accept that. But people peddling this crap should be shut down. They’ve been trading this nonsense for 9 years now. 9 years too long.

  3. I didn’t understand most of this post, although i got the gist of it. It’s all sciencey.

  4. Nevermind the fact that it is all BS, how on earth do you find these little “gems”?? 😉

  5. desperate people will believe the most desperate lies, and this is a great example of evil on parade. These people use pseudo science jargon and bullshit mixed with some scientific sounding jargon and a flood of white papers on the internet to back up the bullshit. I have looked at the study done in “Germany and would you believe that the whole test was verified with a vega testing machine which is bullshit backing up bullshit. Gia wellness and their weird ideas are no doubt making them rich but making the gullible poorer.

  6. I was curious if you had any details on the study Dr. Smirnov did on this water? Was there a listing of mineral content done and or listed in his study? I just watched an interview with him and he mentioned that they initially thought it to be the mineral content of the water but later dismissed it and said it was the structure of the water. There are studies on the the fact that trace minerals can flush out heavy metal toxicity. It spikes my curiosity because he would not be able to replicate the mineral content, so in turn he would try to market the water if he recreate the geothermic properties. Thank you!

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