Big Hole by night

Now that I’ve started writing this, I realise that without a “before” photo, this “after” photo won’t mean a huge amount to anyone. But, for the record, suffice to say that if it were taken a few weeks ago, the majority of this particular photograph would have been taken up by my big tree, which fell over in high winds earlier this month.

I now have a Big Hole to rival Kimberley’s Big Hole (this is a reference to Kimberley in the Northern Cape and not Kimberley on Sea Point Main Road) (although she does also have a big hole) (allegedly).

My garden minus the big tree, yesterday evening.

While I was taking that photo, I took a couple of others – one with a smaller, barer tree that we can now see and another which captured a rare visit by a zebra to our garden.

What? This is Africa, you know?

4 thoughts on “Big Hole by night

  1. I have a recollection of “before” in day-light, but cannot relate it to “after” in moon/flash-light.

    I’ll have to look at it again.

    I recognised the zebra though…

  2. Emil > You should read this blog more. WOuld it help if I published in Afrikaans?

    Po > You say invisible, I say well-camoflaged.

    GaiB > I know. Sorry. Like I said, it was a tough ask.
    Glad you could see the zebra. I understand a certain amount of drinking is required before he appears. Good work.

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