Big Boys

I was reading this article (which I linked to from here) when I spotted this article and I thought it was worth a look.

Ricardo Blas Jr: Competing in the +100kg judo, Blas Jr. is a whopping 34st5lbs – more than 10st heavier than any other athlete in the whole Olympics and 6st10lbs heavier than the entire Japanese women’s gymnastics team put together.

They make them big in Guam.

Popping that into metric for you, Blas Jr’s page on the official London 2012 Android app states that he is 185cm in height and… er… 218kg. That’s 63kg heavier than the 203cm tall Rafael Silva of Brazil (also a judo competitor), who is just a puny 155kg. Pfft.

And talking of that Japanese women’s gymnastics team, step forward Asuka Teramoto in that Japanese team: 21 years old, 136cm tall and 30kg. So less than one seventh the weight of Blas Jr and about 4kg heavier than my 6 year old son.

Now that their respective events have been completed, I would pay big bucks to see Blas Jr and Teramoto swap sports for an entertaining demonstration session.
Please could someone make this happen and have the necessary medical personnel on standby?

Thanks in advance.

Also – read about the oldest 2012 Olympian here.

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