This is getting better and better and better…

The infamous words of football commentator John Motson as England banged 5 goals past Germany back on 1st September 2001. A match we watched in the old and somewhat scruffy Brittania Inn in Headington, before going down the Cowley Road to celebrate. I think I put an Aresnal fan in a skip that night, if I remember rightly. All good fun and games though.

At least for me.

And Motty’s words were echoed this evening on the balcony of a Sea Point apartment as those assembled for birthday drinks watched the sun set over the South Atlantic.

It was rather spectacular, as these thinned versions of the (sadly) cellphone pics show. One other interesting feature was the prominent tower block which appears to be moving slowly, but steadily north as the sequence progresses. That might have been due to the champagne though (I’m assuming it had been drinking too).
Bigger versions of these are available in my pretentiously named Sunsets & Skyscapes set on flickr:

Photos of sunsets or images in which the sky makes up an important part of or is integral to the user’s overall visual experience.

Seriously, who writes this stuff…?

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