Is this the best Radiohead single ever?

I’m a big fan and have been for years and years, but even I am blown away by Staircase.
Here it is “Live From The Basement”, which reminds me of something out of Twin Peaks (not my basement: it doesn’t have curtains…)

Thom Yorke is breaking moulds and writing some really innovative stuff at the moment. The bassline on this track is so mellow, but so progressive. The electronica evokes the 80’s with some Royksopp and a hint of DJ Shadow thrown in there as well, but the minor chords in the refrain remind us who we’re listening to.

No indication yet as to when the FTB album is due out, but this alone makes it worth getting: whatever else is on there.

2 thoughts on “Is this the best Radiohead single ever?

  1. I, too, love this tune. It’s across between Vangelis’ Blade Runner themes and Radiohead’s easier Kid A tracks. But their best single ever? Hmm. I’ll have to go with the aforementioned Idioteque.

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