Best LOLs on the internet?

Each to their own of course, but I thought I’d share three sites with you that make me laugh (out loud) each time I visit them.
That’s not to say that they’ll make you laugh too. But they might. You may wish to give this a go.

The first, obviously, is Damn You, Autocorrect. This won’t be new to most people, but it deserves a mention here.
DYA illustrates the outcomes from SMSs where the iPhone’s “Autocorrect” function changes one word to another, giving the message an entirely and often hilarious new meaning. Much of it is therefore based around sex or toilet humour, but it’s still very amusing.
It does make me wonder just how much time, energy and money is wasted by iPhone users though. My Android just gets the correct message through first time. Not funny, just effective.

Secondly, a new find via @Terranceb on twitter. This is “Literally Unbelievable” … and it is just that.
Of course, everyone worldwide has heard of spoof news site The Onion – pretty funny enough in its own right. Well, everyone that is aside from the individuals on “LU”, who take each spoof story as gospel and vent their disappointment, anger and (ironically) their disbelief at the stuff they are reading. It’s like a targeted Lamebook – demonstrating the dangerous stupidity of some people of Facebook.
“LU” is a new site and I really hope it gets going.

Finally, for the moment, the long overdue compendium of Instagram Quote Rebuttals.
Instagram is the iPhone app favoured by hipsters to “paint with light” and whose images are often the often vacuous attempts at “profound monologues” that are crying out for an answer. Well, now they’ve been answered. Hilariously.

Some are a little rude, the odd one isn’t actually very good. But the vast majority of them are, as Edu would say “qualitay”.

Feel free to share your favourite LOL sites in the comments below.
Please note that anything involving cats will not be tolerated.

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