Best job?


Mixed feelings about this one, as those of you who will read my recent guest post on RattleandMum will understand:

It’s a brilliant ad (Mrs 6000 is still sobbing), with brilliant music: ‘Divenire’ by Ludovico Einaudi (the reason I found it, by the way), and yes, maybe being a Mum is the hardest job in the world, but wow, way to leave out any sort of recognition of paternal influence in the development of successful Olympic athletes.

Stick this the other way around and put Dads in there instead of Mums and you’d have feminazis boycotting your products (Pampers, Duracell, Tide & Gillette by the way) and protesting outside your HQ. Daily.

But obviously, as I’ve pointed out before, Dads play absolutely no role in bringing up the kids, now do they?

(But I still love the ad.)
(Hate myself for it, though.)

4 thoughts on “Best job?

  1. Agreed – beautiful ad and a tear jerker. I totally see your side. Did you see the Huggies ad that was recently pulled overseas for stereotyping men as clueless nappy changers?

  2. I love this ad, but totally see your point. It would have been really simple to make it about parents and not just moms.

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