World’s Best Father?

I spotted this calendar idea on Kickstater and I think it’s fantastic.

Been there. Done all that. Should have taken photos.

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The “World’s Best Father” is Dave Engledow and that cute little lass is Alice Bee, his daughter.

Is Dave Engledow the world’s best father?

The hilarious photo collection featuring Engledow and his young daughter, Alice Bee, in a series of precarious situations might suggest the exact opposite.

But don’t worry, the Maryland-based photographer says. Alice Bee is always safe and much of the collection is photoshopped.

“When my daughter Alice Bee was born in 2010, I knew that I wanted to document her life creatively and put together a collection of photos that she would treasure as an adult,” Engledow writes.

Engledow has documented his daughter, now 1, in over 56 different situations — none of which are exactly appropriate for an infant.

In one image, she’s seen nibbling on a pack of sparklers. In another, she’s lifting a barbell like a true Olympic champ.

One object, however, always appears in each — a mug boasting the phrase “World’s Best Father.”

You can see Dave’s Facebook page here, his kickstarter page here and see some stuff on flickr here.

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