The best Facebook group ever

I’m in a Facebook group. Actually, I’m in several Facebook groups, but this post is specifically about one of them. I don’t want to mention the name of this group in case doing that means that I get the boot from the group. I want to stay in the Facebook group because it is the best Facebook group ever. The reason that it’s the best Facebook group ever is because of the regular, utterly, entirely unintentional inane comments that the members of the group come out with.

Yesterday, Eric shared a video he had made. It was a video of a particular place pertinent to the theme of the group and Eric had flown his drone around that place, added a reasonably appropriate Enya backing track, and uploaded his work. It was very nice. The video garnered over 120 likes and over 30 comments.

All of the comments were along the same lines:

“Brilliant. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.”
“That’s lovely, Eric.”
“How tranquil was the music? Beautiful footage.”

That sort of thing. Except for this comment, slap bang in the middle of all of that well-deserved praise:


Because nothing says how nice a homemade video of a church is like dragging up your biased recollection of the details of a minor car accident you were involved in over 2 years ago and the subsequent trials and tribulations of the ensuing legal process, together with a quick guilt trip for Eric, who inadvertently – by not actively tracking and recording the every move of you that day – has left our protagonist with a much diminished no claims bonus.

But you know – lovely video. Nice music.

4 thoughts on “The best Facebook group ever

  1. facebook groups…truly a sign that not everyone should have a megaphone.
    i admin a few and it’s really helped solidify my bewilderment at people.

  2. anib79 > This one is SO special. Mainly late middle aged members, all super opinionated, all with a story to share. It’s hilarious on a daily basis.

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