Best comment on “moon bombing”. Ever.

OK, so I recognise that the moon doesn’t get “bombed” every day, but the hysteria and lack of understanding surrounding this experiment reminds me of the “we’re all going to die” attitude when they switched on the Large Hadron Collider last September.

Obviously, we’re all still here.
Which is not always good news, because then people can make comments like this:

Uh. Are these people st00pid? We kinda need the moon for tides and stuff.

Which then prompted this:

…the Russians are going to get cross – Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and now he’s bombing the moon and causing chaos!

And this:

Surely they can’t be 100% with their ‘predictions’ of where to bomb and EXACTLY what the impact might be? Maybe we’ll have floods for the next month.

The whole thread is hilarious, actually.

And high tide in Cape Town this evening is (still) at 6:19 PM SAST. No chaos. No floods (yet).

Oh, and they’re switching on the LHC again in November, so we only had a few weeks to live anyway.

13 thoughts on “Best comment on “moon bombing”. Ever.

  1. I admit it, all the fuss and anxiety got me all worried and I rushed out and spent R1000 on crack and found the first dodgy prostitute I could find and let’s just say she was not as pretty as he thought he was.

    Anyway, yes hightide still at the same time, we can still kiss under the moonlight and for all the people really on crack you have much less time to 21/12/2012 than you did before you started reading this kak 😉
    .-= myphotographer´s last blog ..SiliconCape Launch – The Bay Hotel Camps Bay South Africa =-.

  2. Goblin > Next month. Promise.

    Ro > I think it’s more that there’s now a greater access to a little knowledge. That’s like (dangerous thing) squared.

    myphotographer > 🙂 I think I’ve seen it on Sea Point Main Road.

    Scott > You jest… but apparently there are bits of green cheese dropping on Ceres.

  3. I’m with Goblin on this! I miss the mass hysteria caused by it! I remember when it was first made public they were switching it on, and I made a comment about it in my blog, which then became quite a decent hit via the old google machine haha!

  4. @Darkwing: I believe that’s borrowed from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – if my memory serves me right that’s the last thought that goes through the whale’s mind before it hits Magrathea

    My favourite part in this debate are the comments posted by various morons about how NASA is bombing the sacred moon, and surely they should have consulted with the various religions first?… check this one out for example:

  5. @Perforated> Correct Sir.

    Was done for the anniversary of the publishing of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 30 years ago today.. 🙂

  6. Oh I just love this one (from Brigit Sunflame Christopher, Oregon): I am strongly opposed to this move. I feel a sort of sisterly love for the moon and I believe in treating the things Creator (sic) has made with respect and not just to further our government’s selfish purposes. Leave my sister alone.

    I think the correct thing to do would be to gently mention to Brigit that her sister’s been walloped by large meteorites from time immemorial, and that the reason her sister never calls or writes is that she’s in fact dead.

  7. Wiggy > It’ll be back – next month. With the traffic.

    DW > I thought I recognised it.

    Perforated > Oh, that is CLASS! *Sunflame*

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