Behold the ecocapsule

More nonsensical eco-design stuff, this time from Nice Architects (I think we’ll be the judge of that) of Slovakia. It’s a 4.45 x 2.25m, 1.5 ton, self-sustainable “house”.

Ecocapsule01I loved this line from the Engadget write-up:

The structure’s shape also allows its inhabitant to collect rainwater by placing containers around it.

Amazing! Incredible! Behold: the future! What a time to be alive!
No. Actually, this was a serendipitous discovery after one of the designers accidentally left a bucket outside on his patio on a wet day in Bratislava.

But that aside, I’m sure that the rest of technology in the Ecocapsule is ever so clever (Spoiler: er… no. It’s basically just some solar cells and a wind turbine attached to a battery).
So, what’s the point? No-one wants to live in anything that small, because it’s completely impractical, and if anyone actually did want to live in anything that small, surely it would make more sense for it to have wheels and therefore be mobile.

We could call it… “a caravan”.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but with just shipping to the Eastern Seaboard of the USA costing $2,400 (a shade under R30,000), it’s reasonably expected be somewhere between “astronomical” and “holy crap, that’s totally ridiculous”.

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