Beautiful phone, beautiful city

As these things do, my “new” Sony Xperia T smartphone – the flagship of the Xperia range – has been superseded by the new flagship of the Xperia range, the Xperia Z. It is an absolutely beautiful device, and the advert is filmed in Cape Town, which (obviously) is also absolutely beautiful.
Together, these two facts make it unavoidable blog fodder:

To be honest, aside from a slightly larger screen (not something I wanted anyway) and a couple of video enhancements on the Z, it does appear that there’s not an awful lot to choose between the two handsets, and thus I remain very happy with my phone.

UPDATE: Dammit. Just seen that it has 2GB RAM. OK, that’s quite a lot to choose. But I still remain very happy with my phone.
*seethes quietly*

In terms of units sold, Sony certainly isn’t Samsung just yet, but once users onto the fact that it keeps producing really, really good top-end mobile hardware like this, surely its market share will deservedly increase.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful phone, beautiful city

  1. Bit like the upgrade from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 – I don’t really want a bigger screen, so why bother with the upgrade…

    The rest of the specs are pretty much the same once you upgrade the iOS anyway.

  2. Doesn’t really bother me what the companies do for their top end phones. Except that top end tech eventually makes it’s way down to bottom end phones, which is where I typically find myself browsing…

    I hate phones. I avoid phones if I can. So the cheaper the better for me.

    But never Blackberry. Even I have limits.

  3. Gary > While I appreciate your right to feel that way, I love phones and I would rarely try to avoid one.
    Unless, yes, as you say, it was a Blackberry.

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