Beagles love carrots

Of course they do. Anything with big ears loves carrots: rabbits (infamously), elephants, other… stuff with big ears.

Here’s a video of a beagle pup “mesmerized by flying carrots”:

That “mesmerized by flying carrots” quote comes from this Mashable page which features the video, and also gives us this fantastic line:

Carrots dangling from the sky (or, in this case, the ceiling fan) is more than most of us can even dream of.

Personally, I’m capable of dreaming of far more than dangling carrots, but if that’s absolutely as far as your imagination can run, Tricia Gilbride, then I’m sure Freud would have some fairly concise explanation for you.

That said, at around 24 seconds in, it does appear that for Maymo the beagle (for it is he), all his Christmases have come both early and simultaneously. LOOK AT THAT JOY! JUST LOOK AT IT!

This is just one of the plethora of beagle-related videos, cartoons and photographs which I have been sent since I mentioned that we were getting a beagle. I’m so grateful for every single one. Really, I am. Thank you. In fact, yesterday’s “nice” seal video was actually another – along with the description:

This seal looks a bit like a sea beagle. Hang on – that’s, like, the best contraction ever!
SEA beagLe = SEAL!

LOL indeed. Copiously.

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