Apologies for the lack of updates recently.I haven’t really been around anywhere on the internet, having switched off my television set and gone out and found something less boring to do instead, as the old programme tagline went.
(Anyone able to name that programme, btw?)

Today’s alternative to twitter, facebook, blogging and getting through a mountain of flickr uploads was Noordhoek’s Long Beach.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful, but no wi-fi.


2 thoughts on “Beached

  1. The programme has to be “Why don’t you?”. A Northern Irish friend of mine appeared on the show in about 1984 and dined out on it for years afterwards. Some of those more “regional” youngsters could be very difficult to understand and I’m not convinced that their suggested alternatives to TV watching were necessarily all that valid or compelling. However, I still remember the programme fondly.

  2. Jamie > And of course you’re absolutely right.
    Yes, it did seem that they managed to find kids with the strongest regional accents possible and then stuck them in front of the camera to do really boring things.
    Happy holiday mornings…

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