I’ve had a busy afternoon and evening judging science projects at a local school. When they found out I’ve done it, they’re going to be absolutely furious. Anyway, quite frankly, I’m knackered.

Here’s a quick QP of Llandudno (in France).
And here’s me signing off and promising something more exciting tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Beach

  1. So …. having marked some science projects, are you going to mark the best ones at Expo in Aug???? It being our 30th anniversary, we’re planning to do a big event. Hence, we need lots more judges. I’m sure that Sue (since I’m assuming I know which primary school you were judging at…. ;)) will give you details if she hasn’t already. Otherwise, let me know and I’ll send them on to you.

  2. Nixgrim > Methinks your assumptions may be misplaced. I judged high school projects and I don’t know who Sue is. 🙁

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