BBC says goodbye to World Cup 2010

The BBC comes in for a lot of criticism – some justified, some not.
One thing they do better than anyone else I know is their coverage of football.

This District 9 themed highlights/credits package for the 2010 World Cup is simply outstanding.

So many amazing moments, cleverly and brilliantly presented.

Thanks Arcainus

9 thoughts on “BBC says goodbye to World Cup 2010

  1. Fantastic video, except for the scary-eyed vuvu-monster at 3:30. He’s nearly as bad as that spider you posted a while back (and the one you put a picture of on the site).

  2. Can’t find it here I’m afraid.

    Can’t Geoff Chiz put it up somehow?

    And did you know that the closing ceremony wasn’t on here? Not on a proper channel anyway.

    I’d love to see it if anyone has a link.

  3. It was very cool. Also their coverage was much much better than ITV. The itv HD viewers missed England’s first goal because of an ad. I was watching online. the ITV feed was terrible. It was blurry and it cut out often and randomly. So I missed Suarez’s volleyball, I missed half of SA’s first and third games. I would pray the BBC was showing the game I wanted to watch.

  4. Geoff > I have a copy too. And I’m now using your one. Thanks.

    GaiB > See above. Can’t believe they didn’t bother with the closing ceremony. It was very good. Look out for the FIFA DVD coming soon.

    Po > ITV are SOOO useless. They were bad when I lived there. Now, they’re dreadful according to all reports.

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