BBC, baby!

As Thabo Mbeki finally pays heed to everyone’s pleas to bring in the army in order to try and quell the xenophobic violence which has flared up across South Africa, the BBC News website quotes 6000 miles… amongst others in its 21st May article, SA Bloggers want end to violence.

Fame at last.

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These xenophobic acts are undoubtedly a political issue. Our politicians obviously need better advice from better educated people. You could make a difference to South Africa’s future by visiting and sending one of those political advisors to Harvard. Do it. Please.

10 thoughts on “BBC, baby!

  1. How marvellous. Much better than my less than entirely complimentary appearance in the Grauniad! Can I have your autograph?

    Seriously though – well done. I admire your ability to manage the balance between a generally light tone with serious comment and analysis.

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  2. posted this in response to your comment on *my* page, but figured you might not see it. Please excuse the American naivete.


    I must say I’m quite engrossed in your blog, despite the work I’m supposed to be doing right now.

    It’s horrifying and terribly sobering, what’s been going on. I did a fair amount of undergraduate research on the reconciliation process in South Africa… To see that the army’s been called out again feels, from this side of the ocean, at once hopeful that there’ll be some order, and surprising that the situation reached such a level.

    I don’t trust the media over here worth a damn… has this been brewing for a while or is it genuinely somewhat of a new tension? Hell of a question, I know.

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  3. @de.Corday: I think that this has been brewing for years. Quite what pushed it over the edge, I’m not sure, but maybe Ronnie Kasrils got it right today when he said that those who had nothing who are in competition for scarce resources.

    It’s very sad to see but not unexpected that there are reports of trouble from virtually every informal settlement around Cape Town today.

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