The recovery continues: now it just feels like I’ve got a nasty cold and my legs are made of concrete. Everything is taking so much effort to do. But I am getting there.

Only had time for a quick look at the photos I got over the weekend away, but this barn looked deliciously typical of the area, and deserved a snap. Trouble is, does it even count unless you stick a 1970s/80s film style sort of filter on it?

The faded reds are especially important.

I’ve obviously done some of that stuff, but then dialed it back a bit so as not to cause too much offence. But it’s been quite fun playing with some of the sliders to try and achieve that look.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I’ve nailed it. Just that it’s an approximation. But this photograph was taken on a digital camera in 2023. I didn’t just get it back from the local chemist after ticking the “Express Service” box.

Remember those days?