Bar Menu

Tired of poncy, posey, inevitably expensive eateries? Aren’t we all.

When looking at a menu, there’s a fine line between doing good food right and doing average food pretentiously.

Apparently allegedly, this is a particular issue in Brooklyn, New York, although you might find the same problems in Woodstock or Die Waterkant in Cape Town. And a lot of other places, I’m sure.

Someone has come up with a Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, and it’s pretty close to perfection for mimicking and mocking this trend:

The paper. The font. The adjectives. The ingredients. The ubiquitous lack of currency. It’s brilliant.
Go and play on the link above.

I’m drooling at the thought of tormented artichoke, stubbed kraut and “plum”.
Shared to me by a restaurant owner, nogal. Lol.