Banting And Chips

Firstly, I’d better explain to overseas readers what the Banting diet is (because contrary to the alleged “Much Bigger Than That Oscar Trial” billing of the recent HPCSA hearing in Rondebosch, virtually no-one outside SA has actually heard of it) – it’s a Low Carbohydrate, High Fat eating plan.
And it’s currently all the rage amongst several very vocal and very affluent people in South Africa.

Banting And Chips. That’s going to be the name of my new cookbook. I’m told that other people have done Banting cookbooks, and apparently they’ve been mildly successful, but having looked at the Banting diet, I noted one omission that, if remedied, could make just about every dish therein better: Chips.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Cauliflower tabouleh salad with beef bangers – meh
Cauliflower tabouleh salad with beef bangers and Chips – YES PLEASE!

Open chicken burgers, served with a delicious tzatziki – ok
Open chicken burgers, served with a delicious tzatziki and Chips – SOUNDS FANTASTIC!

Banting Chocolate and coconut fudge – eww
Banting Chocolate and coconut fudge and Chips – NOW WE’RE TALKING!

It’s like the best bits of the Banting diet, fully supported by their cherry-picked stats and lack of peer-reviewed papers, together with the added The Joy Of Chips™. Best of both worlds. Quite why no-one has thought of this before is beyond me.
Sales are going to be through the roof. Everyone will be doing it soon. Dodgy reporters with foreign sounding names will be paid to advertise it report on it on second or third rate news sites. I will be loved. More.
All that said, I’ll probably stop short of using social media to advise mothers to feed their young children on it. Because even though I’m an accomplished scientist, I have no qualification in paediatric nutrition. So I don’t really know about that sort of thing. Would be silly to do that. So I won’t.

If you’re doing the Banting diet, that’s lovely. I’m happy for you. You can even tell me about it if you like. Oh yes, you already had. I do recall now. But…

Don’t expect me to do it, just because you do it.
Don’t tell me that because it “works” for you, it “works” for everyone.
Don’t tell me about “all the scientific evidence for it”, because there really ain’t much china, and
Don’t tell me that at least some people on the Banting diet aren’t a little bit like people in a cult, raising certain individuals to near-Deity status:

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-01 090015 AM.bmpu wot m8? 

If you’re in SA (or even if you’re not), you’ll almost certainly be aware of what Mandela did for this country. And sure, yes, he has his detractors, but I think you’d have to argue that his 67 years of selfless struggle, his calls for forgiveness and unity when SA was on the brink of civil war, and his spectacular ambassadorial role around the world, even into old age were something very special.
HERO TIM DID MORE THOUGH! And in such a short time too.

The L key is never closer to the N key than when you’re talking about Prof Tim’s cult following.
Because wait, there’s more:

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-01 090011 AM.bmp



Yeah, I’m equally lost, but I can only think that “@lowcarbJC” (I never trust anyone with a football team name in the twitter handle to be a reasonable individual, let alone a frikkin’ diet tip) is referring to anyone that thinks it’s OK to eat carbs as a “Genocide group”. Frankly, it’s incredible that the human race has survived this long without Tim advocating bombing Syria. Or something. Perhaps that’s why “we” (whoever “we” are) are unable to fight ISIS. Perhaps it’s merely because Tim hasn’t given us the go-ahead. But then, why bother? Unless ISIS are all on LCHF (which they’re surely not), presumably they’re going to be dead soon anyway. That would save a lot of bother.

I wonder, has anyone told Mr Putin?

The only advantage of the Banting diet as far as I can see is that once those cult members people doing it succumb to premature cardiovascular disease, we can have their oily remains melted down to make candles to sell for charity.

Hmm. I appear to have strayed somewhat from my original cookbook promotional plan.
I’ll let you (and lowcarbJC) know when I’ve shamelessly stolen some egg white and cauliflower-based recipes, added fries to them and written it all down.

Watch this space.

6 thoughts on “Banting And Chips

  1. @”Don’t tell me about “all the scientific evidence for it”, because there really ain’t much china”

    Here is a recent meta-analysis of 53 studies with the following findings:

    [… Cut & paste of any studies favourable to LCHF diet, while conveniently ignoring any studies which don’t fit the cult narrative].”

    [See line on cherry-picking above.]

  2. If my comment was “cherrypicking”, then there appears to be an avalanche of cherries in the scientific literature lately. I didn’t just post studies, but at least four independent meta-analyses covering dozens (possibly over 100) studies. The scientific evidence favouring low-carb has become so overwhelming that the burden of proof now falls on those rejecting the claims in favour thereof to back their views with science.

    You claim to be a scientist, and yet you straight-up censor a list of references to scientific studies – that’s NOT scientific at all. If the science backs your viewpoint, why would you need to censor replies? Surely if your claims are true, you can back them up with relevant scientific references?

    I am always interested in a rational, evidence-based discussion on questions of science, but if you simply censor posts that disagree with your non-science-backed viewpoint, there’s no point in even commenting.

  3. Antoinette Muller > Indeed. And he’s now dead. Proof of the dangers of LCHF if ever it were needed.

    David Joffe > Yes, I was ever so naughty, wasn’t I? But this blog is really no place for promoting cult propaganda. It’s not what I want on here. There are plenty of other, more sympathetic echo chambers for that. I simply don’t have time to run through the minutia of your links. I’m just too busy in the lab.
    Besides which, we’ve seen the same ones trotted out time and again and conveniently misinterpreted, and frankly, I have better things to do that to read them and try to understand your extrapolated claims again.
    You may find that your “burden of proof” claim is more warmly received within the jerking circle of LCHF followers.

    Yes, I claim to be a scientist, but this blog isn’t about science. My featuring Tim should have indicated that. Neither is this blog about cycling, and yet I have as many Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong, and as many qualifications in paediatric nutrition as Prof Tim.

    If you feel that there is no point in commenting on this blog, don’t comment on this blog.
    It really is that simple. AND CHIPS!

    Veronica Cobley > Maybe he and I should set up a double act. We could call it… Banting And Chips! 😀

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