The Isle of Man Tourist board recently commissioned stone balancing artist Adrian Gray to balance some stones on the Isle of Man. Then they commissioned photographer Mikael Buck to photograph the balanced stones on the Isle of Man, all with the aim of promoting the natural beauty of the island:

“The Isle of Man has such a range of stunning beauty spots that we wanted to bring attention to the selection available in a new and quirky way. Each of the locations featured offers something different for visitors to see to give a great first-glance of what the island has to offer.”

said tourism boss Angela Byrne.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I rather like the results (there’s a whole gallery available via this link), which were featured in newspapers all over the world Britain:

stone-balancing-8_3375065kStones at the Sound

stone-balancing-wa_3375055kStones on Bradda Head (also the site of this guy’s tower handstand)

As a art project, it’s quite cool.
As a PR exercise, it’s been excellent, with loads of publicity and media exposure, including, we’re reliably informed, a post on South Africa’s Best Loved Blog™.

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