After a lovely morning wander on the Mountain…

…the gas fire in the new bar was officially fitted, and then it was lots of jobs for me which had been on a bit of a hold pending that work. Mainly horribly fiddly painting, which isn’t anywhere near finished, but is at least now started. And with the 6Music soundtrack, a blast from the past from Mary-Ann Hobbs, which will have to be shared:

With loadshedding having done for tonight’s football (thank you, ANC), I’m at another Dodgeball training session. Sigur Ros is on the noise-cancelling Marshall earbuds, wiping out the overtly loud Amapiano mix here.

Tomorrow will bring more painting (oh joy!), but I’m hoping there will be a tangible, noticeable difference by this time tomorrow evening, which will – obviously – make it all worthwhile.