Bad News: too good

Look, I mentioned this in passing yesterday, but it’s all I’ve been listening to since I first heard it, so I’m sharing the wealth and putting it on here. The ideal way to play out the end of a long week.

Mike Skinner seems to have discovered a new talent in Elro, while further developing his relationship with Robert Harvey (Going Through Hell, Take The Long Road And Walk It) whose smooth chorus gives some breathing space amid the amazing lyrical flow of the initially somewhat bashful and apologetic rapper attempting to defend his behaviour at 200 words per minute.

You say nothing, but it’s clear to me that you’re fearing me ‘cos I’m weird, but, weird to me is not weird to you, but I accept I’m strange but the best must change, but I’m just engaged, I’m tired of games, I’m not deranged. I’m just, coming up with a new strategy to please and please hear me out, it’s beyond a doubt: I desire your effects and affections, I’m aware that the problems complex and, and I when I get to the best I can be but the best I can be doesn’t seem to fit the script and I’m less than appealing, sometimes feel there’s a mess and I’ve tested your patience; blatant, selfish acts can detract from men who mean well when there are egos attached. I can change myself, not the past.

Yeah, punctuating that was quite difficult.

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