Mrs 6000 is back from her Taylor Swift-esque visit to East Africa, and it’s great to have her home. She has seen literally several animals and has taken photos of nearly all of them.
As I write, we’ve been looking at those photos for a while. I think we’re through to day 4 of 5 now, which means that I’ve probably seen about 1,200 pictures so far.

It’s not a problem. Given that she was going on this once in a lifetime trip, we grabbed a local deal on a Canon DSLR camera (despite the fact that I still love my Sony DSC-HX300), and by the look of an awful lot of the photos she’s taken, it’s really paid off. So we’re very happy.

The next couple of weeks are rather complicated, but it would be a crime not to get some of her pics on display, so that will be sorted out in for time. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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