Back to the Beans

While I was away, and with limited and sporadic connectivity, I decided that I needed something more than music to keep me occupied. And so I delved back into the world of podcasts.

Now I have tried this before on a number of occasions, but it’s never worked for me. Always something unappealing or uninteresting about the choices I have made.

And yet despite this, for some reason, I went back to a couple of previous attempts. The first was the BBC Radio 4 Comedy of the Week podcast, which was incredibly hit and miss. One funny, one actually horrifically painful to listen to, with awkward and sycophantic laughter.

So we’ll leave that again.

But I did really get into Three Bean Salad.

And that’s probably because I had chance to give it a few episodes. There are plenty of in jokes and call backs which can make it difficult to appreciate at first, but if you persevere, there are some truly hilarious moments to be had as well.

Especially their knack of delivering standalone lines which even out of context are just funny and lure you into wanting to know more.

So scared I couldn’t even take my clothes off.

Crime is never glamorous. Well, apart from diamond theft, obviously.

So was Stonehenge moved halfway across Britain by crabs?

Unless you’re wearing a protective nougat mesh over your face.

Yeah, sure. You had to be there, but in case you haven’t noticed, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do. Lots of fun, and loads of back episodes to delve into to fill the gaps between current offerings.