Back to school

Yes, it’s a bit of an unusual system, but the kids go back to school tomorrow. They’ve had a month off, which of course included our trip to Europe. And while as parents we don’t get lie-ins even on weekends, forcing myself out of bed into the cold, dark Cape Town winter at daft o’clock tomorrow morning doesn’t sound hugely appealing right now.

It was a cold 7.8°C when I went downstairs this morning. That might not sound too bad to those in the UK, (especially after the summer they’ve had thus far), but remember that we’re not really set up for that sort of thing. There’s no double glazing, no cental heating here.

You’d think that it would be preferable to stay in bed as long as possible, but that’s never the favoured option when you’re four or six years old. We find that the easiest way to get through the two months of winter mornings is to wrap the kids up warmly in gowns and slippers (tomorrow it’ll be school uniform) and chuck porridge down their throats.

As for me; I took myself out into the great outdoors for a run this morning.
It wasn’t any warmer out there, believe me.

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