Back to it

The thing with these really unpleasant gastro bugs that only last 48 hours is that while they’re really unpleasant, they only last for 48 hours, and then you’re just about ready to take the world on again.

So no, the last 48 hours haven’t been great, but I’m… well… just about ready to take the world on again.

(I’m also nearly 3kg lighter, and a bit devoid on energy, but hey, let’s give it a go anyway.)

And already this morning, a curtain bracket has been replaced, the LNB unicable has been rewired and reattached to the DSTV box, and I’ve changed the batteries on one of the alarm sensors outside. That bit of painting by the gate will have to wait because of the persisting heavy showers, but there’s recycling to sort and shopping to do, there’s a whole garage to tidy (I have been trying to start this for several weeks years now), a beagle to walk and two faulty plug sockets to replace.

I was only “off” for 2 days.

And then there’s my old laptop to sort out. It’s old, yes, but I think it’s still pretty decent – just not for what I needed it to do – and I’m hopeful that I can sell it once it’s all cleared out and factory reset has been done. After all, no new owner wants to see what I’ve been googling (it’s mainly obscure lighthouses and traffic bollards).

Anyway. Like you might have read: plenty still to get done today.

Back to it.