Back to (6000 miles from) civilisation…

After a leisurely journey back from Agulhas (stopping briefly in Bredasdorp for food, drink and Kinder eggs for the kids) we find ourselves back in Cape Town’s leafy Southern Suburbs. Truly, I haven’t a clue what’s been happening while we were away. Something about Libya and someone getting shot in Cape Town was all I got from the newspaper billboards. I’m sure I’ll catch up just now, but I’m still in holiday mode and right now, I really don’t care. (I did pick up the Stormers v Bulls rugby result from an Afrikaans newspaper in a fish shop, is that cheating?)
I’m sorry if the blogging hasn’t been up to my usual standard: if you think things have been bad, just wait until I go away for two weeks later in the year. Expect plenty of photos.

We were greeted in Cape Town by traffic and burglar alarms: an unpleasant reminder of the negative side of living in the big city. The only sounds we’ve been used to over the last few days have been birdsong and crashing waves. The only traffic issue was slowing down to look at tortoises while walking down to the beach.

Already, the busy city existence has returned, with a dinner appointment this evening. I leave you with a few hastily-uploaded and varied photos (34, actually – including one of my best ever sunsets, I think) from the extended weekend. Right now, I wish it could have been extended some more, but once I’m settled back into normal life, I’ll be able to look forward to our next visit.

I’m not sure that I could live out in the sticks on a permanent basis; perhaps that would take away the “special” feeling of being away from home, but I think I’d also miss the amenities and convenience of urban living.
So for the moment, I’m happy to settle for the juxtaposition of city life and the weekend getaway.

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