Back once again

We’re back again. It’s been an amazing break, with some fantastic experiences and some good family fun, but we are now trying to combat the return to reality. Filthy weather – the like of which I hadn’t seen since Dublin or Chesterfield – greeted us yesterday when we landed, and that hadn’t improved by the time I headed out for a game of football on a single hour’s sleep. That actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

Today was better, meaning that I could make a start on the mountain of washing that needed to be done, and work on getting the house back shipshape. There’s been a bit of storm damage, the pool needed a bit of cleaning and there are a few issues in the kitchen. Hopefully nothing too massive.

And then on to the shops and then pick the kids up and head out to riding in Hout Bay.
It’s like we never left.

So photos will have to wait for the moment, although of course, there are many hundreds of them.

But don’t worry: just as soon as they are ready, I’ll be sharing them all.

Well, some of them, at least. I haven’t really looked at them in any detail as yet, but in “skim reading” them, they do look a little disappointing. Hopefully there will be a few keepers in there.

But as I said, that won’t be for a while.