Aww. Diddums.

As Sheffield United crashed unapologetically into the League Cup semi final yesterday evening, Southampton manager and mardy Dutch bastard Ronald Koeman refused to shake hands with the Blades’ bench after the match:

In response to what Koeman felt was an absence of reverence, the former Barcelona defender refused to shake the hand of opposing manager Nigel Clough at full-time.

He explained: “I shake hands with people who have respect for me as a coach, who have respect for the fourth referee. I think the behaviour of the bench of Sheffield United, I never saw that. That was the reason why I didn’t shake hands.”

Aww. Thanks for that, Officer Tosspot of the Respect Police. Nothing like a lack of respect to protest a lack of respect. Because it’s all about that lack of respect, isn’t it? Nothing to do with your side being comprehensively outplayed and dumped out of the competition. Nothing to do with a fifth straight defeat. Nothing to do with the fact that you might not have a job next Monday.

Compare and contrast classless Koeman with sporting Sammy Lee.


I’ll just leave this highlights package here for you, Ron:

Blades 1-0 Southampton

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