I know. I’ve been scarce.

And I have absolutely no excuse, save for the glorious sunshine and the glorious beach (literally) a stone’s throw from the front door. There’s copious alcohol available as well, which has led to some late nights under the stars, far from the madding crowds and maddening light pollution of Cape Town.

I’ve got a robust, yet annoyingly slow GPRS connection tethered from my cellphone (3G doesn’t reach this far into the wilds), which doesn’t really fit with the traditional fisherman’s cottage we’re staying in, but I love the juxtaposition of old and modern – especially when I have access to the internet.

The days have been spent catching millions of fishes and crabs in the rockpools and enjoying braai meat, beer and conversation in the evenings and I could happily live this way forever, until I missed the amenities and hustle and bustle of city life. Which will be about another 2 days, I reckon.

I’ll see you then…

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