Atheist Mafia

Thanks to this tweet from Alexander Nakrassov:


I’ve finally worked out where those mysterious, quietly-spoken, yet vaguely threatening calls to the lab, saying things like:

The peppered moth. You’ll acknowledge why the darker variant is predominant in urban environments now compared to 200 years ago… if you know what’s good for you.


Whales’ flippers contain the same basic bone arrangement as bats’ wings. If you want the homologous structures of your upper limbs to remain intact, it might be an idea for you to simply accept this as evidence of evolution. Capisce?

…have been coming from. Damn those atheist mafia terrorists.

The thing is though, every time you agree to their threats, you’re simply contributing to them naturally selecting that behaviour to terrorise some other poor scientist into accepting evolution as fact.

No wonder they seem to be using it more and more effectively.

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