At Newlands last night

40,000 turned up last night at a bitterly cold Newlands to watch the Emerging Boks side taken on what was, in truth, a second string British and Irish Lions team. It was cold, stormy, windy, wet, very wet and very cold, but at least there was red wine and brandy on tap.

The Lions’ new defensive formation left gaps out wide

Of course, that was just for those of us in the posh seats. The guys down in the stands didn’t have such luxuries. Although one of them had a vuvuzela. Naughty! And then, with the Lions 10-0 ahead, Earl Rose set up the ball for a kick at goal (or whatever they call it in egg-chasing) and the heavens properly opened.

So much of rain at Newlands

Rose was unperturbed (although I’m sure I heard him murmur “Bugger!!” under his breath), got Luzuko Vulindlu to lie face down in the mud and hold the ball and went about missing the kick anyway.

Half time and I headed off to expunge the brace of first half Peronis. Now, I know that there is a certain urinal etiquette and that one looks ahead or down, never left or right, but it is kind of difficult to obey the unwritten rules of public weeing when you find a six foot Danger Mouse on your right and a slightly shorter Mr Incredible on your left. Seriously. And then I passed a Ninja Turtle on the way out of the loos. Either the British contingent were there in full fancy dress or those beers had been tampered with.

To cut a cold story short, the game finished 13-13 and we headed home, cold, but satisfied. My car said it was 6°C, but I’m sure it was lying. Either that or the minus sign (never tested) doesn’t work.

Bed never seemed so inviting.

8 thoughts on “At Newlands last night

  1. Having accompanied Mr 6000 to the game last night I can confirm this is not mere ‘bloggers exageration’ – it was absolutely freezing. Highlight of the evening was definitely confirmation that even God hates Earl Rose – up he steps for his first kick and the heavens opened. Also sighted was a tatooed Lions’ supporter dressed only in a Fred Flintstone outfit (i.e. a single piece of felt) – man that guy was tough.

  2. I’m impressed at how many spectators turned up! Either die hard fans, or lots of free tickets given out!

  3. TA > Ha! You shared a blanket with a hottie, while I acted as your (useless) windbreak!

    Nixgrim > Crowd was just under 40,000, but I would say somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 (perhaps more) of them were Lions’ fans. It was like a home game for them.
    Weather included.

  4. Not so sure the likes of Ronan and Donncha or even Shane Williams would be happy to be called 2nd string…

    I’m very jealous though (even if it was 2nd string Boks v 2nd string Lions). The best Melbourne can do this year is 2nd string Wallabies v Italy!
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Wedding photos =-.

  5. Delboy > Well – mainly second string, then.
    It was a great night – just bitterly cold.

    OL > Wait til you get what we had last night. Sjoe!

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