Art v Jobs

New from Northamptonshire County Council – which just last year cut 900 jobs as part of a £69,000,000 package of budget savings comes “STITCH – A new art installation”.

As part of the countywide GLOBAL FOOTPRINT project, artist Jo Fairfax and the FLOW team will deliver a new laser art installation – STITCH – in Northamptonshire. A new art installation that binds together the historic villages of Earls Barton and Wollaston with a 3 miles long laser beam.

This path of light skims across the beautiful Nene valley pinpointing two prestigious boot and shoe-making factories, Barker Shoes and Griggs, home of Dr Martens.

Glorious – and surely worth every single penny.

We’ve mentioned before that art projects and installations could be considered as a complete waste of money. For example, Cape Town insists on funding the annual Infecting the City arts festival, during which:

City “treasures”, including King Edward’s statue on the Grand Parade, were covered in clingwrap and trees on the station forecourt were draped in toilet paper.

despite having a housing backlog of around 500,000 people.

One can only wonder what those individuals made redundant by Northamptonshire County Council think of this:

ambitious countywide programme of contemporary ‘living heritage’ events and exhibitions, using visual and digital arts to showcase and celebrate Northamptonshire’s defining cultural heritage and identity.

What a load of cobblers.

One thought on “Art v Jobs

  1. They’re not alone. here in sunny Rotherham we have a council who don’t seem to know whether their arses are punched or bored. Amidst all the money-saving ideas is a roundabout decorated with old railway lines bent and painted yellow to look like wheat. Yep, it’s really relevant given the town’s history of steelmaking. Strangely nobody can remember asking them to spend £15k on scrap iron . . .

    Their recycling policy gives every impression of having been conjured up by the department of pissups and breweries. Their housing department operates on a bureaucratic model which would not look out of place in a dreary Russian play. But enough about the socialist utopia – keep telling us how nice it is in Spring in Africa’s crime capital!!

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