Are The Killers coming?

I had a whole heap of people in a very brief frenzy with this post:


But – whatever the comments said and however dysfunctional the Computicket link was, that post was based on at least some small degree of truth, as iAfrica states here:

It all started with an entry on the Computicket website listing The Killers performing at a Cape Town wine farm during December.
The event, discovered on the ticket booking website on Tuesday 11 August, revealed that the ‘Human’ hitmakers were playing at the Val De Vie Wine and Polo Estate on 6 December, with bookings set to open on 14 August.
A source at the venue confirmed she had also heard news of the forthcoming show and we are currently awaiting confirmation of the event details.
However the event was removed from the Computicket website later on Tuesday.

We live in hope. It would be a stunning venue for a stunning band.

Patience is all that is required. And of course, the RSS feed for this blog – because we’ll keep you posted.

13 thoughts on “Are The Killers coming?

  1. Goblin > I think this is a big new thing for wine estates. Coke Zero Fest was awesome. They just need to sort out traffic issues.

    Rory > Yes, but which industry? Cos if it’s the weaving or sheet metal industry, then I’m not going to pay too much attention.

  2. Are they only going to be in Cape Town or will we get a turn to see them here in Gauteng as well I wonder?

  3. Melissa > The temptation to answer with something along the lines of “Who gives a toss?” has been resisted.
    It would be cool if they could do two gigs. If not, of course, all you Gautengers are more than welcome down here. Just stay out of the Golden Circle. Thanks.

  4. Ross,

    A band cannot cancel if they haven’t confirmed and announced the event yet,they would be cancelling an idea which never happened which is like pissing against the wind. You must have got this information from your friend in the weaving or sheet metal industry, I will enjoy this come end of the month.

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