Anyone Can Play Guitar

Although of course, it’s not strictly true that anyone can play guitar well. But I was reminded of this vintage Radiohead track this week and felt the need to share:


This was actually my first introduction to Radiohead, on a Parlophone (careful now) cassette tape given to us freshers in our first week at Newcastle Uni. I’m going to have a dig around at home and see if I can find it – the track listing would be “interesting”. This was the standout track (and the second best on their Pablo Honey album), but there were other good tracks on there as well.
The Frames’ Masquerade was one – I’ll list the others when if I find the tape.

2 thoughts on “Anyone Can Play Guitar

  1. Still my favourite Radiohead album! I actually owned 2 copies – the cassette when I first started backpacking through Europe and then the CD years later (when I could afford a portable CD player!)

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