Another reason that South Africa can’t host the 2010 World Cup

Forget the Angolans, the sharks and the naughty people with knives.
Have you seen the number of flippin’ terrifying bugs there are out there?

Even in my Cape Town garden (which is actually in Europe), there’s some nasty stuff about:

And I haven’t even mentioned the killer bees and the moths, (which are probably, like, killer moths).

Once the Daily Mail gets hold of this kind of information, FIFA will have no choice but to bow to the mighty pressure Paul Dacre and his band of right-wing underlings will place them under and the tournament will be moved to Australia, which is already home to some nasty racist animals but let’s not make a fuss about that.

17 thoughts on “Another reason that South Africa can’t host the 2010 World Cup

  1. Geez, it’s bad enough that I have to watch Attenborough documentaries every night at the moment courtesy of the Boyf, but now I get it on your blog too?

    There’s just no escape!
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..The Rage Monster =-.

  2. P.S. They are lovely photos though, very well done. Especially of the harmless Norman. My mom never takes photos of their Norman looking so evil and spider like.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..The Rage Monster =-.

  3. Well, if you use the stab vests that English fans are being offered, you’ll be fine. I can’t imagine a killer moth would get through one of those suckers! 😀

  4. Tara > Sorry. And thanks. I actually like the bee one best, but it just wasn’t scary enough to make the grade, so it became a click-through.

    Bee one

    HH > Yeah. Won’t stop a bullet though, will it?

  5. No, they won’t stop bullets – I think that’s evident in the name… “stab vests”. Didn’t know insects carried Weapons of Miniature Destruction!!

    You know the Brits – any reason to moan… and I wasn’t referring to you, as expats decided to quit moaning and just did it! 😀

  6. Hey, I’m afraid compared to Australia’s native wildlife, South Africa has nothing! South Africa’s bugs are positively friendly …

    Frankly, sir, you want the Mail to go overboard on how awful, how dangerous it will be for football supporters to visit South Africa. Can you think of a better way to protect your adopted homeland from hoards of Daily-Mail readers?
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Back to the Edge =-.

  7. I reckon there is going to be a lot of scary and dangerous creatures in South Africa during the World Cup. Most of them directly from Europe or South America. Very scary indeed – have you seen some of the supporters????

    Maybe those stab vests are not such a bad idea, the locals should wear them as protection.
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..Art classes!! Woo hoo. =-.

  8. HH > I never really moaned. Just quietly got on with things. What people don’t seem to relaise is that fighting the system never really works.

    Ro > I like your thinking.

    Tara > I love shongololos. Not the bug, more the name. It would also be good if the locals called them meeleepeeds. I would like that too.

    Pamela > I laughed. A lot.

    AdWizard > Sure. Or use one of Alex’s to make it look bigger.
    Those spiders are harmless though. Big, but harmless.
    Like Heed.

  9. Harmless, 6K? The bug(ger) and that creepy nest must be 10km away from here, but that didn’t stop the Doctor from running in to my study, panicked, saying “OMG – have you seen what 6K posted!”. Emotional harms count too, you know…

  10. Hahaha due i have lived in SA all my life and have been stung by those bees loads of times… As you can asume ime not a goner.
    All that stuf about dangerous animals are just roumors.
    I have never in my life seen a lion out of the zoo.
    But have been muged loads of times, the reason for the stab west is ti survive crime.
    But tourists is the most safe people here becude everyone wants SA to be known as a nice plase to be.

  11. whitesouthafrican > Wow. 7 minutes after Spain are presented the trophy and you’re back with your (now proven) ridiculous negative sentiment.
    It’s a shame the killer bees didn’t actually live up to their name.

    Go away. Your comments are incorrect, irrelevant and desperate.

  12. Wow whitesouthafrican, I think a few English lessons are in order. Your spelling, construction and punctuation equals that of a 3rd grade pupil.

    Now, hurry along: you’re late for school.

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