Another Manx Storm

My inbox has been alive with images from the Isle of Man suffering the slings and arrows of another winter storm this weekend. This just a couple of weeks after a huge storm hit the Island. They’ve come in from various sources (the photos, not the storms, they all came from Atlantic low pressure areas), and in various ways, so – aside from the top one – I’m not sure whose are whose. If they’re yours and you want credit or want them removed, please get in touch.

IMG_61216580618737Castletown Breakwater doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

Photo by Peter Killey of (who’s been on 6000 miles… previously here).

Laxey harbour wall is under there somewhere.

IMG-20140202-WA0013Douglas Prom

The aftermath on Douglas Prom

Fire Hazard and no footpath at Groudle Glen

Laxey is overcome

I recognise that these photos won’t mean as much to many of my local readers as they do to be, but 1. I want a record of them and 2. “My most important reader is me“.

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