Another award…

Well, I say “another”, when I would probably be more accurate in using “an”.

In a country with 50 million people, approximately 25 million of them being male and approximately 25 of those being bloggers, it’s nice to be recognised as being in or around the top 80% of my chosen pastime as 6000 miles… was ranked in the Top 20 Male Bloggers in South Africa in a survey released today.

Apparently, the criteria used in judging included:

Twitter popularity, Social Media, general media coverage, aggregators, search engine rankings and general popularity.

It’s actually a shame that there’s nothing there about cute profile pictures, because if there was, I’d be a clear winner.

As it is, I’m delighted to have been named in the Top 20, rather than the Bottom 5 – so many thanks to Claire et al over at

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