Another amazing lighthouse pic

This (with gracious permission – thanks) from Richard Larssen on flickr:


This isn’t a blog about lighthouses, but I do like them. Especially when they’re ‘togged this well.

Wikipedia tells us:

Eigerøy Lighthouse (NorwegianEigerøy fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located at the small island Midbrød outside Eigerøya in Eigersund, Norway. It was established in 1854, and automated in 1989.

It’s made of metal (cast iron), much like the Slangkop light in Kommetjie (steel) and stands 32.9m high (coincidentally just 10cm shorter than Slangkop).

Richard has captured some other amazing pics of Eigerøy fyr, most notably here and [breathtakingly] here.

UPDATE: He’s just showing off (here and here) now…

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