Ankle update

Thanks for your comments on Facebook and on here. The news is good.

A quick squeeze and tug (ooer!) on my ankle revealed that things are apparently healing nicely. And that means that my surgeon (who never actually surged me) has suggested that I can see a physiotherapist and *gasp* start to learn to walk again. He even suggested that I would be “back to normal” in 6 months, which would be perfect for my first game of footy just ahead of my birthday, as I had planned.

The only problem with this scenario is my brain. Given that any slight knock, bump or bit of downward pressure on my ankle generally causes me brief, but blinding agony, my boot – which I had previously seen as rather annoying – I now see as a security blanket.
Even taking my boot off while sitting in bed feels weird. Getting my brain to agree to putting any weight on my bad leg feels completely impossible right now. I shudder even thinking about it. So maybe thinking about it is not what I need to do.

I’m off to Physio this afternoon and we’ll go from there. The road ahead might be long, but at least it’s now straight enough to be able to see my destination.

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