Angry Birds Star Wars

Issues with internet today, so not much from me here except to say that you should go and download the latest chapter in the Angry Birds saga.
I wasn’t a huge fan of Angry Birds Space, but my first impressions of the new Star Wars game are very favourable.


This isn’t just some Angry Birds gameplay chucked over a Star Wars background; there’s detail, storylines, special character birds and special powers. For example, above, once the Luke Skywalker bird has taken out that Stormtrooper pig shooting the laser, the Obi-Wan birds will “use the force” to destroy the Imperial fortress.

It’s free and Android users can download it directly using this QR code:


Have fun!

UPDATE: Oh my. Han Solo bird with rebounding laser pistol is fantastic. And you can call in a “Scorched Earth” Airstrike from the Millennium Falcon. I am loving this.

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