Anecdotal evidence

This has no scientific evidence to back it up, hence the title. Although some people just trot out these things and pretend they’re gospel.

Not me. I have nothing more than my undocumented observations and general gut feeling on these.

  1. Egyptian Geese are taking over Cape Town. Also, Sacred Ibises (Ibii?) are on the increase, while the drab, but lovable Hadeda is getting harder to find. And hear.
  2. Sticking with the nature thing, there are fewer Christmas Beetles around every year.
  3. Cars: Audi is the new BMW when it comes to driving like a cock.
  4. And CF is the new CY when it comes to someone being 5cm from your back bumper on the N2. (Although CY drivers are still uniformly stupid foolish* and dangerous.)
  5. There’s traffic on the roads in Cape Town all day now, too. I witnessed this change in Sheffield as well. You can’t get anywhere quickly by car any more, at any time.
  6. But still, never use Main Road to go anywhere if you don’t have to. It’s always slower than any given alternative.

It strikes me that the above post makes me sound like a grumpy old man, but I’m only ever two of those things at any given time. And I’m not actually complaining about any of these things, I’m merely documenting them.

How else is Cape Town changing? What differences have you noticed (but have absolutely no evidence for)?


* revised my adjective at the request of @anib, an unashamed CY driver.

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  1. FTFY> 3. Cars: Land Rover is the new Audi which was the new BMW when it comes to driving like a cock

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