And talking of beaches…

(Because we have been doing that today).

This tweet:


u wot, m8?


Why?!? Why, Allison?!?  Because:


That’s why.

I mean, fair play if you want to have a pop at the council because the N1 is covered in piles of sea shells or the local municipal tennis courts are covered in piles of sea shells. That shouldn’t be happening.
But this isn’t those places. This is a beach. That’s where seashells happen. Beaches are where you get seashells. She (whoever “she” is) infamously sells them right there, on the sea shore.

What on earth are you thinking, Allison? Where will this madness end? Which other Cape Town tourist sites are you going to foolishly interrogate over the twitter platform?

@KirstenboschNBG The flower beds in the main garden > can’t see the soil for the plants and flowers.Why? #cleanup

@2OceansAquarium The kelp forest exhibit > can’t see the fish for the long fronds of seaweed.Why? #cleanup

@TableMountainCa The sky behind Table Mountain > can’t see the clouds for the big lump of rock.Why? #cleanup

Honestly, Allison. I’ve got better things to do today than publicise idiotic requests to the council.
Get your act together.

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  1. anib79 > Yes. Hipsters > Divas, any day.

    biobot > That chortle probably added another 5 minutes to your life. Sorry about that.

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