And so to London

Probably the best city in the UK beginning with L. OK. Lincoln isn’t bad.

But from there, it’s a disastrous list: Dirty l**ds, Liverpool – “The City of Victims” – and Leicester.
And Luton isn’t a city, but would only drag the letter further down if it were.
L got a raw deal in the UK.

Heading worldwide, there’s a surprise Italian entry.

But I digress (often). We’re London-bound today for the last – and shortest – leg of our brief trip back up North. London City airport is the landing strip of choice – a new one for me – and I’m looking forward to grabbing a window seat and hopefully snapping a couple of pics as we come in over… well.. the city.

At the time of writing, I’m not 100% sure I’m even going to be in London for half the time we planned to be in London. More on that later, if and when plans develop.

For now, it’s goodbye to the Isle of Man. Until next time.