ANCWL comments trouble the nation

Following  the outspoken comments of Julius Malema, the President of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) two weeks ago that he and his followers would “take up arms and kill for Jacob Zuma”, the President of the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL), Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, has now landed herself in hot water with comments made at the organisations annual gathering in Bloemfontein:

My friends, my fellow women, my comrades. We must make it clear to the nation that we are fully behind Jacob Zuma. We support Zuma. We will iron for Zuma.

While her remarks gained widespread support from the delegates at the conference, opposition parties were less impressed. Leader of the opposition, Helen Zille, described the comment as “inflammatory”.

It’s another step in the wrong direction from some factions of the ANC. Making such inflammatory statements as being willing to iron for Zuma is irresponsible. It sends out the wrong message – it’s a small step from there to inciting widespread hoovering.

Mrs Zille refused to make any further comment, saying that she had pressing matters to attend to “but not Jacob Zuma’s trousers”.

8 thoughts on “ANCWL comments trouble the nation

  1. OH my god.. that is so very funny..Iron!? WTF.

    The sad thing is – the black youth who should be running the ANCYL couldn’t give a [oops!] about all this [oops!] and are far too busy completing their degrees and starting their careers.

  2. Do the ANC have a farmers league?

    Do you think the league of extraordinary gentlemen know about this?

  3. @JHBPRINCESS: A bit. Sometimes.

    @Sean: “We will plough for Zuma!”

    @Pamela: Each new wife means a new mother-in-law. Unless you marry sisters, I guess.

  4. I don’t know why the ANC doesn’t just shut up with their hype surrounding JZ it just creates a bigger media hype…Anyway for those of you that feel that JZ is a masogynist you might want to read the TRC volumes regarding his efforts to stop the abuse of women and more specifically rape.It is also a good idea to critically examine the idea of career sabotage, I’m not someone taken by conspiracy by and large but in this case it is quite possible.Good luck Zuma you’ll make a fine president

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