8 thoughts on “An easy mistake to make

  1. Intersting little blog you’ve going here old boy old chap!

    I don’t read the newspapers anymore, all that waste of paper which is not being recycled properly!

    Camilla, on the other hand, loves to read the Daily Mail. She is an odd old duck but I do love her for some reason that presently escapes me.

    I have mixed feelings about those Middletons, they don’t seem good enough stock to me. I suppose I am greatful Willy didn’t go for that Pippa one… Imagine, Princess Pippa and Queen Pippa. What kind of a name is that? Aweful if you ask me. And they use far too much of that environmentally unfriendly orange tanning lotion.

    What would Diana say? … mind you, what wouldn’t Diana be saying if she was still around – never could keep her thoughts to herself.

    Well, enough about me, I shall be off to Highgrove now to tend my dear gardens. I love flowers and fruits. They are always so happy until you write scathing articles about them…

  2. HRH > “Sir” Prince Charles?

    Thanks for your comment, Your Highness.
    And – since you are in SA (IP address giveaway) – pop on over for a braai.

  3. Yes, 6000, quite right you are, I was in your beautiful country.

    I popped in at Vergelegen to stock up on some tipple for Mummy.

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