Amazing phone

Annoying phone.

I was doing some work outside a couple of weeks ago and – long story short – a screwdriver bit flew from the screwdriver bit holder, somersaulted across the table I was working near, and bounced off my phone screen. My phone was out there because I was listening to the radio while I was working.

The screen protector on the phone did its job, although at great personal sacrifice. A small ding has appeared in the centre of the screen protector, about ¾ of the way down. It seems likely that without said screen protector, the screen would have broken.

There is an issue though. Since then, my phone has developed supernatural powers. It can do “things” without anyone touching it or even being near it, and I think it’s probably because of ghosts the damage to the screen protector. This morning it called the whole family at a very early hour (even earlier in the UK and IOM) while just being in my hand (screen off, no contact with screen). Yesterday, while sitting on my desk, it took a photo of the bottom of the shelf above my desk.

On both these occasions, the app used by the ghost was the last one that I had accessed on the phone – this morning to send this pic* of the sunrise on my walk…

…but it certainly wasn’t me that instigated these things. I’m hoping that it’s just some moisture or dirt in the teeny, tiny hole that is in the screen protector that’s causing this, and I will get it sorted out soon, but in the meantime, it is annoying.

Especially if you were in bed in the Northern hemisphere at 7:29am CAT.

* unedited, taken on iffy phone camera (see here)