Always The Sun

Here’s a good go-to song for when things get a bit too much. Today has already been one of those days. It’s wet, it’s grey, it’s cold and several businesses have decided that it would be far too much for them to be helpful or offer any sort of decent service to me this morning.

Scream, cry or gooi on some Stranglers.

Aside from the reminder in the title, this song also wins extra points for using the word “apportion” in the second line and also managing to get the 19-syllables worth of lyrics “that’s the sort of responsibility you draw straws for if you’re mad enough” into a space where surely only half of them should have fitted.

In fact, things only begin to fall apart again when you realise that this song is actually 28 (twenty-eight) years old.

I saw The Stranglers headlining a free music bash in Gateshead in 1993. My memories, such as they are, of that day are that it was incredibly hot, a bit rough, there was a lot – a lot – of free beer (I think it was sponsored by Heineken) and there were no other decent bands playing that day.

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