Always my hardest, just not my longest

Eish. Suddenly that title looks very dodgy. But please bear with me.

I’m not feeling 100% today. Bit snotty. Bit stiff and sore. Bit under the weather.
Nothing too bad. Really no biggie. Maybe 75%. Just not 100%.

And there’s football tonight, which could honestly have come on a much better day. But one needs a very good reason for dropping out of the squad on the day: a big fire, a war, actual death or some such. Certainly not “feeling a bit meh”.
Also, it’s the last game of the year, and so I was totally ready to make the effort. And, after all, with rolling subs, one can roll off more than one rolls on, and use your reduced energy, sensibly and effectively. On days when others haven’t been feeling their best, I’ve stepped up and done more than my share of running. So tonight, I will play my hardest (of course), but maybe just not my longest.

All was good, and I was at peace with my decision.

And then I looked at the squad. My fok, Maralize: Ke Dezemba has taken its toll. There are 5 of us.
No rolling subs. No subs of any kind, in fact. Just 40 minutes of hard slog against a younger, fitter team.

Ah Jesus.
This calls for pre-emptive anti-inflammatories and a quick change of mindset.

Both of which will absolutely happen, and there will be nothing short of 100% effort on my part.

But tomorrow (or possibly even later tonight) is going to bring a World Of Pain.

I’m ready.